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"Pobeda-Phaeton" based on GAZ M20 "Pobeda"



 Manufacturer  GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant)
 Model name

"Pobeda-Phaeton" based on GAZ M20 "Pobeda"

 Years of production 1947 (Contemporary replica car)
 Body style 4 door phaeton
 Body style

4 × 2, rear-wheel drive


 GAZ 20, 402, 4021, 4026; 4 cyl.

2.1, 2.5 L. 52, 75, 100 hp.

 Transmission 3-speed manual
 Max speed  130 km/h.
 Fuel tank capacity 55 L
 Fuel consumption  14,5 L / 100 km.
 Dimensions 4665x1695 x1500 mm.
 Cargo capacity 500 kg.
 Curb weight 1460 kg.












Pobeda-phaeton is a replica of a car based on GAZ M-20 “Pobeda”, designed for military parades..The GAZ never built Pobeda-phaetons.


In 1947, a few Pobeda-phaetons were produced by a military plant in the city of Bronnitsy. In the following years, several more automobiles were made by various automobile workshops.

Pabeda Salon

In 1949-53, 14,222 M-20s were built with 4-door convertible body (of 'cabrio coach' type), but sales were poor and the GAZ never returned to the idea of mass-producing a convertible. The only reason to create a cabriolet, less practical in Soviet climate, were low production capabilities of sheet metal, due to war damage.

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 Now Pobeda-phaeton is the most popular exhibit of our museum. Almost every visitor is photographed with this car.





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