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Moskvtich-1500SL (Moskvtich-2140-117 Lux; Москвич-2140-117 Люкс)




 Manufacturer  AZLK
 Model name Moskvtich-1500SL (Moskvtich-2140-117 Lux; Москвич-2140-117 Люкс)
 Years of production  1980 - 1987
 Body style  4 door sedan, 5 passengers
 Car layout 4 × 2, rear-wheel drive
 Engine UZAM-412-0102. 4 cyl. 1.5 L, 75 hp.
 Transmission  4-speed manual
 Max speed 145 km/h
 Fuel tank capacity 46 L
 Fuel consumption 8-11 L / 100 km.

4250x1550x1480 mm.

 Cargo capacity 430 kg.
 Curb weight 1035 kg.













AZLK-2140SL "Moskvich", AZLK-2140-117, AZLK-2140 Superlux, Moskvich 1500SL - Soviet rear-wheel drive car of small class with a sedan -type body , produced in Moscow at AZLK factory from 1980 to 1987. It was a modernized and improved version of the model Moskvich-2140 intended mainly for export . The SL (SL) index was decoded as Super Luxe (Super Lux).

Developed in the early 1970s and launched into production since 1976, the Moskvich-2140 was a deeply modernized Moskvich-412 . However, unlike models 408 and 412, which enjoyed good popularity abroad and therefore gave the country a good export potential, model 2140 lost its export opportunities.


A new, promising model 2141 has just been created. In order to somehow get out of the current situation at the plant, it was decided to modernize the current model 2140, and mainly to create more modern details of both the interior and the exterior of the car. The first prototypes of the updated 2140 were ready in 1977-78. The serial production of the model that received the name 2140-117 Super Deluxe, or the 2140SL and 1500SL (export designation), began in November 1980.


For the first time in domestic practice, individual batches of cars of this modification were painted with metallic. It was Moskvich-1500SL that in the 80s became the main export product of AZLK, with the exception of M-2140 assembly kits for NRB , but did not receive much distribution outside the markets of the CMEA countries . Most of this modification of “Moskvich” was exported, but a certain amount was supplied to the domestic market. September 17, 1986 with the AZLK conveyor descended 2140SL, which became the 4-millionth car of the plant.


A number of components for this model were supplied by the Yugoslav firm Saturnus.


The car received a new trim - low dashboard, head restraints appeared in the seats with infinitely adjustable, the dashboard itself changed, as well as slightly modified body trim - new rear big lights with innovative polycarbonate glass, wider plastic bumpers (first used in the USSR) with chrome lining and moldings. In the side front windows, the vents are eliminated. Also for the first time in the Soviet automotive industry, an electronic clock began to be installed in the cabin.


Designer Igor Zaitsev, who participated in the development of Moskvich, later told in an interview to the magazine AvtoRevyu.
“Perhaps, it was on Lux that almost everything could be done. This project was first ordered in America. The Americans made a demo interior layout, they brought chic albums ... True, it would not have been possible to reproduce such an interior in the series - there were a lot of elementary ergonomic blunders.


The original version of the interior 2140SL, developed by American experts.

We paid 80 thousand dollars for this work. Our men, when they found out, were in shock: “If we were paid at least 80 thousand rubles, we would have done it to them!” And they did it later. Only door trim left "American" - and those with modifications. Lux was done in cooperation with the Yugoslavs: they supplied us with components, and we paid with machines. The interior turned out - a pleasure to see. It’s a pity that few people are able to assess how much effort, knowledge and experience have been invested in it ...


It is a four-door sedan front-engine layout. The car received the engine UZAM-412 with a capacity of 75 liters. with. Very rarely, under a special order, the AZLK could have supplied the UZAM-412DE engine to the Moskvich 2140SL (68 hp.) Transmission - manual, four-speed. Drive - rear. According to official data, the maximum speed is equal to 142 km / h, however, many owners of this car stated that they accelerated and reached high speeds . Acceleration to 100 km / h on average takes 19 seconds.


In 1983, an international homologation of the rally version of the Moskvich 2140SL, which was called AZLK 1600 SL RALLYE, was made . The car was registered in the international group A6 (up to 1600 cc). In contrast to the previous sports modification of the model 2140 (Moskvitch 1600Rallye), the AZLK Sport Bureau paid more attention to the driving performance of the car.

The main differences from the base model are the forced 1.6-liter engine, 145 liters capacity. with. ( Weber 45DCOE dual carburetors Neopr . . Date of circulation was April 20, 2019. ), KPP-9 gearbox, 2 shock absorbers for each wheel, front disc brakes with four-piston calipers, front and rear anti-roll bars, The Watt's parallelogram was installed on the rear axle of the car for better handling.


At SL RALLYE, Soviet rally drivers repeatedly took part in foreign competitions, in particular, the Yugoslav rally Saturnus, consistently taking their places in the top ten finishers. So, in 1984, SL, RALLYE cars in Yugoslavia were occupied by 7, 9 and 10 places in the overall standings, in 1985 - 4,5,7 and 8 places, in 1986 - 3 and 5 places, in 1987 - 3rd place. No less remarkable is the participation of the rally 2140SL


All in all, until 1987, 170,700 units of 2140SL were built. 

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