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GAZ-4 (ГАЗ-4)

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 Model name  GAZ-4 (ГАЗ-4)
 Years of production  1933 - 1937
 Class Pickup truck, 4 × 2, rear-wheel drive
 Engine  GAZ-А, 3,3 L, 40 hp.
 Transmission 3-speed manual
 Max speed  113 km/h.

 Fuel tank capacity

40 L
 Fuel consumption  12 L / 100 km.
 Dimensions 4080x1710x1825 mm.
 Cargo capacity 500 kg.
 Curb weight 1080 kg.








 The cooperation between the Ford Motor Company and Russia dates back to the year 1909. Ford was an important supplier of passenger cars and commercial vehicles such as tractors and trucks, especially in the 1910s and 1920s. Tens of thousands were imported into the Soviet Union because their own vehicle industry was underdeveloped. The first five-year plan of 1928, which generally contributed greatly to the development of the Soviet industry, also envisaged building a domestic automobile production. In 1929, an official contract was signed with Ford, which provided that the USSR every year should buy large quantities kits for Ford models to them in the newly built Nizhny Novgorod Automobile Plant, short NAZ (from 1933 GAZ) assembly. Vehicles were also assembled at the KIM plant in Moscow.


As early as the beginning of 1931, the Soviet government stated that the projected quantities were significantly too large. The Great Depression hit both Ford and the Soviet Union, significantly fewer kits were needed.


By the end of 1932, the factory in Nizhny Novgorod had been brought up to a level where it was able to produce automobiles. The first cars left the halls on the 8 December 1932. At about the same time, the production of the GAZ-AA began. This was a truck that was built on the same chassis and took over many other vehicle parts from the car. The drawings for the vehicle were still from Ford.



The GAZ-4 (Russian ГАЗ-4) was produced in series from 1933 to 1936 and is technically based on the passenger car GAZ-A and the truck GAZ-AA. Depending on sources, the vehicle is alternatively referred to as a pickup, also in 1934 is called the first year of construction.


In the early 1930s, there was a significant demand for light commercial vehicles in the Soviet Union. Since the only mass-produced suitable vehicle at this time was the passenger car GAZ-A, it developed a light truck on its base, which used the chassis of the car. In addition, the driver's cab of the truck GAZ-AA was installed. Since the GAZ-A was a copy of the American Ford Model A, also the GAZ-4 still has significant technical similarities with this vehicle. The size of the loading area was 1.10 × 1.60 meters.



In the period 1933/34 to 1936 were built according to various data from 5,300 to 10,600 trucks model GAZ-4. Why the production was set exactly is unclear. Only a few years later, a similar model was built, the GAZ-M415, but based on the GAZ-M1. Most copies of the GAZ-4 were destroyed during the Second World War, only a few are preserved today. One of them is presented in our museum.




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