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Moskvitch 403 (Москвич 403)




 Manufacturer МЗМА (MZMA, Moscow Plant of Small Cars)
 Model name Moskvich 403 (Москвич 403)
 Years of production  1962 - 1965
 Body style  4 door sedan, 5 passengers
 Car layout 4 × 2, rear-wheel drive
 Engine М-407, M-407D, 1,36 L, 45 hp.
 Transmission  4-speed manual
 Max speed 115 km/h
 Fuel tank capacity 35 L
 Fuel consumption 8-10 L / 100 km.
 Dimensions 4400x1540x1540 mm.
 Cargo capacity 300 kg.
 Curb weight 980 kg.











Moskvitch 403 was a soviet compact car produced from 1962 to 1965.

The car was transitional model between Moskvitch 407 and 408. All were made 105 726 units with different modifications.

Must be said that, basic model of 403 didn’t have any difference with 407 except back lights. Only so called export M-403E modification of the model was different with some details as: wider radiator grill, changed side molding, back lights painted in the same color as the car and door mirror.

M403 2

The car had overhead valve engine M-407, steering from perspective M-408 model, front suspension with two ball joints on each side. The main brake cylinder was moved under the hood (before it was under the floor) and the clutch became hydraulic.

New detail of the car was also windscreen washer but wiper system remained mechanical. For the first time in the soviet automotive industry was applied self regulated brake cylinder. Upgraded steering system, turn signal switch moved to left side.

M403 3

Since May of 1964, in the engine was made some changes, for example the diameter of crankshaft main journals was and increased to 57 mm from 51 mm and crankshaft rear oil seal appeared. So some of the last engines could reach about 50 hp.

Moskvich-403 - base model sedan, produced in 1963-1965
Moskvich-403T - modification to work in a taxi. Was equipped with a meter
Moskvich-403E - export version, different form of the grille with angular front and other moldings.
Moskvich-403U - modification for the southern climate.
Moskvich-424 - wagon based models Moskvich-423N.
Moskvich-432 - on the basis of the versatile van Moskvich-424.



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