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Moskvitch 407 (Москвич 407)



 Manufacturer МЗМА (MZMA, Moscow Plant of Small Cars)
 Model name Moskvitch 407 (Москвич 407)
 Years of production  1958 - 1963
 Body style  4 door sedan, 5 passengers
 Car layout 4 × 2, rear-wheel drive
 Engine М-407, 1,36 L, 45 hp.
 Transmission  3-speed manual (4-speed manual since 1959)
 Max speed 115 km/h
 Fuel tank capacity 35 L
 Fuel consumption 10 L / 100 km.
 Dimensions 4400x1540x1560 mm.
 Cargo capacity 300 kg.
 Curb weight 980 kg.











The Moskvitch 407 is a compact car manufactured by the former Soviet automobile maker MZMA, first time introduced in 1958 as a second generation of the Moskvitch series. It was a further upgrade of the Moskvitch 402.

The styling of the Moskvitch-402 followed the fashion set by similar-sized cars of its time such as the Hillman Minx, FIAT 1100, Ford Prefect 100E, Jowett Javelin, and Ford Consul Mk1, as well as by the larger GAZ-21 Volga, whose designers took part in the creation of this car. The M-402 was the first Moskvitch designed in the Soviet Union and not based on any foreign model. It utilized a 35 hp (26 kW; 35 PS) 1,222 cc (74.6 cu in) inline four-cylinder flathead engine derived from the 1,074 cc (65.5 cu in) of its predecessors. The top speed was 88–90 kilometres per hour (55–56 mph), a slight increase over the M-401 series, mostly due to considerable reductions in body weight; it could achieve 9 L/100 km.

moskvich 407 2

In 1958, among other changes, the engine was replaced with MZMA's OHV development, which allowed the car to obtain a maximum speed increase up to 115 kilometres per hour (71 mph) and significantly reduced the level of noise. At 4,055 mm (159.6 in) overall, it was 200 mm (7.9 in) longer than the 401. Though the gearchange had moved to the steering column, the gearbox was the same three-speed manual. Electrics changed from six volt to twelve, a change already being made in the United States. Radio, cigarette lighter, and demister were standard, at a time when the demister was not so in the United Kingdom.

With the new M-407-series 45 hp (34 kW; 46 PS) 1,358 cc (82.9 cu in) overhead valve engine, in 1958, the M-402 became the Moskvitch-407. A four-speed transmission with synchromesh appeared in December 1959, in place of the three-speed.

moskvich 407 3

The M-407 was offered as an estate (407-423N), delivery (407-430), medical team model (407B), and taxi (407T). The delivery simply had the rear windows of the estate not cut out and the rear doors welded shut; it was only available to official groups.
A M-407 came third in class at the 1000 Lakes Rally in 1957.

Like the M-402, there were four-wheel drive M-407s, too, beginning with the M-407-410N in June 1958 and the M-407-411N estate in August. At first, these had the three-speed, changing to the four-speed in 1960. A total of 11,890 four-wheel drive 402s and 407s were built by the end of production in January 1961, a result of Moskvitch being unable to keep up with demand for its mainstream M-407s.

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